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Community Domiciliary Healthcare

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EPhysio Associates provides an expanding domiciliary coverage to clients through its network of accredited and experienced practitioners. A client may choose a home visit or online consultation with a preferred practitioner, time and cost.

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EPhysio Associates domiciliary neurological physiotherapy service has evolved considerably over the last decade. Expanding from an original single practitioner domiciliary practice started in 1985.The original practice served local community patients in the south west of Essex, UK.

In 2006, the practice embarked on a long term strategy to develop its core business plan to provide neurological physiotherapy support at optimum cost levels with an increasing geographical coverage. It had become apparent that there was a declining level of community physiotherapy support from the national health service generally to varying degrees throughout the country. EPhysio Associates's business plan sought to address the reducing availability of affordable rehabilitation healthcare in the community. EPhysio Associates can now offer multi-discipline practitioner services in the home and online via Skype. This expansion into the online talking therapies via Skype enables us to provide a multi-lingual international service including support to the marine industry and similar remote locations.

Central to the business expansion plan has been an innovative strategy of in-house specialist neurophysiotherapy practitioners supported by a unique, bespoke software domiciliary practice management system.

Home visit practitioners

EPhysio Associates endeavours to provide its expanded domiciliary coverage to patients through its network of specialist practitioners.
Practitioners provide a range of cost effective and affordable domiciliary treatment plans for patients in their own homes, on line via Skype and/or those in residential care homes.

Currently we have - practitioner(s) with national accreditation and certification on call in this area.
Mrs Amanda Thorn M.C.S.P
Senior Neuro Physiotherapist
View Amanda's CV/Bio


Our practitioners endeavour to help patients make the most of available skills and maintain abilities as far as possible. Achieving this through;

• One-off assessments through to continuing treatment packages.

• Treatments arranged in home or care home settings.

• Training of carers including  Manual handling training .

• Advice on Mobility equipment and/or home alterations.

• Specialist assessments for work, hobby or past time related activities this includes boating/sailing, sports and equestrian activities.

• Bespoke respite and/or holiday breaks can be arranged through partners to suit patients and their families.

• Residential care home / nursing home in-house physiotherapy / exercise programmes

About Neurological Physiotherapy

People suffering with a neurological problem may experience difficulties with day-to-day activities due to loss of movement, sensation, balance or coordination. Our neurophysiotherapists aim to aid the management of these problems through advice, education, exercises and management programmes and strategies.

By working together with the patient, our physiotherapists can aid the return to activities and interests.Your lives can change in a moment… A stroke, head injury or diagnosis of a neurological disorder causes you to cope with altered abilities.

Such neurological disorders may result in the brain trying to do ‘business as usual’ but the signals from your brain not being as accurate resulting in the automatic activities of daily living becoming more difficult.

Neurophysiotherapists work with you and your family to make the most of your skills and teach you how to maintain being as able as possible.


An important part of treatment is to give you an understanding of why and what is happening to you and give you the knowledge to know when to call for help. Some clients wish to remain fit for work while others simply want to wipe their own nose. Each patient requires differing treatment frequency regimes.

Having contacted EPhysio Associates for an appointment or been referred to our practice, we shall require you to provide personal details, contact details and a brief outline of your ailment(s).
Once we have these details we are able to enter your information into our Patient Management System. This process should not take more than a few minutes.


At an initial appointment your physiotherapist will assess your condition.In order to make a sound judgement of your condition we may require information about your past medical history, a note of all drugs that you may be taking and details of the present complaint.

How We Work(Cont)

This will normally involve a physical examination usually asking for the removal of outer garments so we can see the area clearly and observe the effect of the problem on the rest of your body posture and mobility. You might like to have a pair of shorts or loose skirt available to wear if we are looking at your gait.

Should you wish to be accompanied by a chaperone you are welcome to have a friend or family member with you or let us know and another member of staff can be in the room too. If we are visiting you in your home we ask that you do have someone else present at the first visit as there may be much to discuss and decisions to be made. The physiotherapist will tell you how they think your presenting signs and symptoms can be helped and will make a plan for any further treatment. Expect to be given advice and exercises (where appropriate) which will be forming the basis of your future treatment.

Any further recommended treatment sessions will be discussed with you, if necessary. An Initial Assessment may take 40-60 minutes. Follow up treatments range between 30mins and 60 mins.

How We Work(Cont)

When an appointment is pre-booked by telephone or on-line, you will be required to register as a patient with E-Physio Associates Limited and be required to provide credit card details to guarantee the appointment. In the absence of an advance payment for treatment, you will be expected to pay for your treatment at the end of an appointment. Unless a prior arrangement for payment has been agreed with EPhysio Associates accounts department.

Consent form.

You will be asked to sign a consent form if you agree to receive physiotherapy treatment. This means that you understand the principles of your treatment, the way we work and the expected outcome of your therapy. Your signed consent to treatment is your agreement with our terms and conditions of business.
In any follow up appointment expect to be re-examined for the major issues that came up in your initial assessment to see if there is any change. These checks act as a guide to your response to the treatment previously given.

Patient Data Management

Domiciliary physiotherapy operations are administered from our central operating base in Essex, UK. All patient data is securely held on our own servers in the UK and under the direct control of EPhysio Associates Limited. Computerised data is backed up automatically to a secondary server to avoid loss of data in compliance with the Data Protection Act.
Patient treatment records, appointment scheduling and communications are electronically managed by the centralised practice management system and remotely accessed by our network of physiotherapists. Mobile technology through laptops and mobile phones further enhances the efficiency of the system.

Notwithstanding the trends towards reliance on mobile technology, EPhysio Associates Limited maintains a somewhat conservative approach to these convenient IT developments and therefore includes disaster recovery and related risk assessments within its operations. We undertake internal audits periodically to monitor and enhance the efficiency and safety level of our services to our clients. All personal data held by the practice is confidential and is handled under the Data Protection Act provisions.


With specialists in neurophysiotheraphy we strive to keep up to date with all revolutionary treatments and products. In 2006, we invested in innovative stroke rehabilitation products supplied by Saebo Inc which assist patients in their need to maximise their recovery. Saebo UK Ltd

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Treatment of babies and children of all ages with a wide range of conditions including orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, neurological and child development disorders, aiming to meet the realistic expectations of each child and their family, whist trying to maximise the potential of every child’s social and physical lifestyle.

Care Home Neuro Physiotherapy Support

EPhysio Associates have physiotherapists available to undertake the training of care home staff and to undertake exercise programmes with residential care home clients.


Hydrotherapy can be arranged which reduces the effects of gravity on the body. Water can be used to assist movement if pain is limiting or as resistance for strengthening. Two physiotherapists are required as a minimum for hydrotherapy sessions and normally require additional notice.


Acupuncture treatment is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine that involves inserting fine needles at selected points on the skin to balance the body's energy (chi), thereby treating and preventing disease. It's used to treat a wide range of common ailments, relieve pain and promote general health.These sessions normally require additional notice.

Therapeutic Body Massage

Body massage is a highly valued method of combating the stresses and tensions of modern living. Athletes, sports people and dancers include massage in their training schedules to aid recovery and or treat soft tissue injuries.

EPhysio Associates provision of physiotherapy support to Nursing and Care Homes


EPhysio Associates practitioner(s) will come into the home and provide the following support

  • Home Meeting to establish our input and role
  • Identify any suitable Carer training required
  • Gain consents & assessment of relevant residents
  • Maintain clinical recordings for each resident treated
  • Identify any training to undertake exercise classes
  • Provide any required ongoing support required
Clients who have or are using EPhysio Associates services include


Individual treatment sessions

Typically, on an individual basis our physiotherapist can carry out the same treatment procedure as a home visit with additonal liason with staff and residents relatives where possible. Treatments can be at regular intervals and frequently reviewed. Working closely with a resident’s key worker/carer an optimum treatment / exercise regime can be implemented.

Group treatment sessions

Several residents can be seen within a treatment/advice session in a one-to-one situation. Treatment/advice would be for less time than on an individual appointment and therefore if the condition is complex an individual treatment may be advisable.
When several residents are seen within a group session, exercises and resident physiotherapy care needs can be shown to care assistants and/or activities co-ordinators. It is important that your staff are happy with any new advice we give and inform us of any differing views. If you have no activities co-ordinator we can run exercise groups.


We provide our service to you subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Service:
 Appointment timing changes must be made by contacting us by telephone, post or email. There is an administration charge of £10 for any changes made to an on-line booking. Appointment charges for online bookings are non-refundable. A non-refundable booking charge of £2.50 is included in the appointment booking fee.

Our commitment to you:
 1. You will be examined and treated in line with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy's strict code of practice by a qualified physiotherapist, Registered with the Health Professions Council or Physiotherapist Assistant as per your individual treatment plan.
2. As part of your initial examination, the physiotherapist will explain their assessment of your condition and propose an appropriate treatment plan. This will be described to you, outlining any risks and where possible an estimated number of treatment sessions and time period that will be required.
3. You may decline any of the treatments proposed without prejudice.
4. Your appointment/s will be scheduled according to your needs and to the best of our ability. In the case of domiciliary appointments, we shall endeavour to maintain appointment schedules subject to adverse traffic congestion and / or weather conditions which may result in unavoidable delays.
5. A letter of referral is normally required if a medical insurance claim is to be made for the cost of the treatment. A copy of your records may be sent to your GP/referrer unless you request otherwise.

Your commitment to us
1. In order for you to gain maximum benefit from your treatment with us we recommend that you supply all relevant information to your physiotherapist.
2. It will be necessary for all clients or their next of kin to sign a consent for treatment at the time of the initial assessment.
3. If you arrive late for your appointment your treatment session will be shorter whilst full payment will still be required.
4. If you wish to cancel your appointment we need a 24 hours notice period. After this time a cancellation penalty may be payable.
5. Payments for treatment(s) should be made before the end of an appointment, unless prepaid in advance, made online or an alternative agreement has been made with the patient and / or a patient's next of kin or insurers. Patients pre-booking an appointment by telephone must provide their credit card details to guarantee an appointment. Appointments not pre-paid cannot be guaranteed in timing or duration and may involve a waiting period.
6. Payment may be made in cash, by credit card, cheque or electronic transfer.
7. Outstanding payments over 30 days will attract interest at the rate of 8% above Nat West Base Rate. Payments more than 30 days overdue will incur the above interest charges and further treatment(s) may not be undertaken with an overdue account existing.
8. In the event that an EPhysio Associates supplied practitioner is engaged by the client directly, the client will incur a compensation charge of 52 x (times) the practitioner's hourly rate.

Working with EPhysio Associates

Ephysio Associates Limited have an ongoing requirement for experienced part and/or full time self - employed practitioners.
Particularly those with community domiciliary experience.

Should you have an interest in working together as an E-Physio Associate practitioner - please register your interest below to enable us to contact you with further details.

Our self employed practitioners need to have the use of their own transport and personal access to the internet.

Hours are flexible with negotiable market driven remuneration.Support is given to allow practitioners to operate with maximum autonomy with a patient load in their own area(s).


Why is EPhysio Associates different ?

Practitioner remuneration is based on a 'self-chosen' hourly rate.

A patient therefore has 'real' choice, in terms of practitioner, timing and cost.

Approved practitioners receive email confirmation of their approval and further on-line support.

Support includes on-line operational guidance on access to EPhysio Associates unique domiciliary practice management system.

Our Founder - Sue Davies MCSP

 Working in neurological physiotherapy has made my life what it is today.To my great pleasure…
Every day Sue Davies MCSPbrings unique stories and some days my cheeks hurt from laughing so much because the patients have such wicked senses of humour.
 I qualified in 1981 and set about working in regular physiotherapy jobs.I was finding it less than rewarding to work with people who just wanted to ‘get back on the pitch’ even if their injury was blatantly not healed.
Then,I was introduced to the local MS group. And so began my affinity for all things neurological.How gratifying to be taken into the circle of patient’s families and be trusted to help find dignified ways of managing. Over the years I have found that people want a little bit of control over their situation even if it is to wipe their own nose. In 1985 I became a sole practitioner and then in 2006 set up the neurological practice, EPhysio Associates Limited.

We took on other neuro physios and graduates who did their post graduate training with us. Since then alongside our patient base services we have provided key specialist physiotherapy support to NHS funded dementia research. We have continued to develop our services. More recently when we have proudly kept up with technology and now also offer our services via Skype.

Should you feel you need any support with a neurological condition or perhaps that of a family member, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Getting Started with a Skype Call

What our clients say about a Skype Consultation...

"I have Skyped many times with Sue (Davies) relating to my peripheral neuropathy and have found her explanations and advice very helpful. Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable to me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family if they needed neurological help...Mrs P (UK)."

Skype Consultations



Mrs Susan Davies M.C.S.P
Prof Reg: 40350
Nat Reg: PH29040
Senior Neuro Physiotherapist
View Susan's CV/Bio
Skype Fee £ 60
Practitioner based in United Kingdom
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